Where we are:

While we hit our crowdfund goal with, our initial drive only covers the bare necessity. We do have stretch goals that range from star talent casting to hiring an orchestra to more in-depth visual effects to a better looking moon. Every extra dollar goes to making this movie looking even better. We are not going to bug you to give money (at some point we have to start making a movie instead of fundraising) – but if you would like to donate – we will not say no.

No matter how many friends in high places one has, it always takes cash in the bank to make a film. We are asking you to be part of the team on this. We know that in these tough times, how to spend your money is a tough decision, so we are honored you are even here on this page considering it. Here’s a quick video explaining what this crowdfund is about:

Every dollar is appreciated! Give how much you can, want, desire, don’t desire (but your better angels are singing to you…). Every little bit counts. Each level has certain rewards associated with it, take a look in more detail on the right sidebar. Please visit this site again, we will be adding more fun and interesting perks. Suggestions are welcome!

The money we raise will go to towards:

  • building a MOON!
  • paying name actors
  • feeding the cast and crew
  • equipment rentals
  • VFX/CGI pre-production
  • treats for our animal cast
  • and probably – most importantly – renting porta potties and other production necessities

If we exceed our goal – we will invest it in better VFX, submit the film to festivals, hire an orchestra (as opposed to using synthesizers) – you get the idea, overall improve the quality of our film!

Here are ways you can support our fundraising:

PayPalClick here!credit card platform
Venmo@moonthefilm (0740)(this does not cost us a fee)
Zellecontact us and we will send you an email with our Zelle info(this does not cost us a fee)
Checkcontact us and we will send you an email with our snail mail(this does not cost us a fee)
Cashcontact us and we can make arrangements to meet in a dark alley somewhere to do our “deal”(this makes us buy you a coffee/tea)
Please note, all contributions are NOT tax-deductible. We have an option for that if you want it. To see who has contributed, go to our Sponsors/Supporters. Who knows – you might see your neighbor there!

Lastly, sometimes people are unable to help monetarily, or they want to donate AND help in other ways. If that’s you, please consider helping us by doing the following:

Tell your friends! Email them, text, post about us on Facebook or Twitter etc. It truly helps tremendously to spread the word about our film!

Please use the share tools right below! Thank you!!! We appreciate you!

Please note: all contributions through the channels above are NOT tax-deductible. Please contact us directly is that is a requirement, we can make alternate arrangements.

You don’t have to but if you would like to – you can choose a reward for donating to our crowdfund. There are many methods to participate. Click here if you want jump in via PayPal. We are also on Venmo as @moonthefilm. If you want to use Zelle, check or cash, contact us and we will send you the info how.

Moon Co-Executive Producer

Donate: $5000

Well… now you are MOON’s best friend! We want you with us at MOON’s premiere screening. You’ll get a festival pass, so don’t forget to bring your fancy clothes. And yes we will make you moon walk on the red carpet. Restrictions: Travel and lodging not included. Tickets based upon festival availability.

Moon Co-Producer

Donate: $2500

Wow! You are now officially part of the team! You will witness the whole process by participating in all three live streams. Plus an official credit as a Co-Producer on IMDB and your name as a Full Supporter in the end credits of the film. Here’s the kicker – you will get a festival pass to any festival we are in of your choice (except for the Moon premiere festival). Come party with us! Restrictions: Travel and lodging not included. Tickets based upon festival availability.

Moon Supporter

Donate: $1250

Besides everything on the Moon Walk level, you will also receive a “Very Special Thank You” credit on IMDB! Restrictions: Travel and lodging not included. Tickets based upon festival availability.

Moon Walk

Donate: $498

You get two tickets to any of our festival screenings of your choice (except for our premiere screening). And like the name, we will Moon Walk for you on our moon set and send you the video. Of course you will also receive everything from the Moon Rock level too! Restrictions: Travel and lodging not included. Tickets based upon festival availability.

Moon Rock

Donate: $250

Honestly, this is probably our favorite prize – and yes, it’s a prize! You will get one of our prop moon rocks from the set. It won’t be a real moon rock, but it will sure look like it! And if you course you will receive everything from the Moon Light level also!

Moon Whim

Donate: $150

This reward has been generously donated by Women in Media, under the umbrella of their CAMERAderie program! You will get one of their bags when you come hang out with us at the very first and very private cast/crew/mentor screening! Restrictions: travel and lodging not included.

Moon Light

Donate: $99

Want more recognition? How about seeing your name in the end credits as a Moon Light supporter? And of course, this level includes everything in the Moon Dust level too!

Moon Tshirt

Moon Dust

Donate: $80

You will receive everything at the Moon Energy level. If you thought our mask was cool – we’re confident you will love the T-shirt!

Moon mask

Moon Energy

Donate: $49

You are the momentum maker! At this level, of course everything in the Moon Force level is included, but you also get an official MOON mask, which you can wear while prancing down the street or roaming the isles in your favorite grocery store!

Moon Force

Donate: $26

For just a few bucks more, you get to see our process. Pick any one of our private livestreams during pre-production, shooting, or post production when the magic starts happening.

Moon Army

Donate: $19

We start getting into the fun stuff now. In addition to the socials, you will get a private link to the film the day after our premiere screening.

Mighty Media

Donate: $10

Everything in Mighties but now we will shout you out on all of our socials!

Mighty Mighties

Donate: $5

Like Mighty Money but we will shout you out on TWO of our socials!

Mighty Money

Donate: $1

We want to thank you. Especially in these times. We know you can give this money to a person in need on our streets, or to a worthy organization or you can buy yourself some chocolate at the supermarket or some wine – all valid choices! But you gave it to us and we want to thank you by shouting it out to any one of our socials of your choice. Plus your name will be on our Crowdfunders page on our site.