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Here’s how our supporters have helped us.

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The individuals below have all clicked on one of the links above and donated to our film. Thank you to EVERY one of you! We appreciate you all!!!


Rachel Ford: $150

Moon Whim Donation 

Rachel Wilson: $75

So excited for you Toy (and Wilfred) apologies for not being able to contribute earlier but better late than never! Love, Rachel (and Filmcraft)

Daniel Maher: $19

Hi Guys, can’t wait to see how the process turns out. What I’ve seen looks really cool and I know Venita is bound to produce something great! All the best, Dan

Michael & Lindy: $100

Ellen Dutcher: $100

Susan Kanick: $26

Mary Hwang: $100

M. Sean Agnew: $2,500

Savvy Jaye: $25

Anonymous: $100

Julie Lei-Raftree: $500

Dawn Spinella: $26

Kyle Sullivan: $26

Farida Rafique: $11

Jennifer B Huang: $129

Regina Ainsworth: $100

MJ & Renee: $40

Hey Hey

Angela Cohen: $10

Olga Beres: $99

Lisa Cole: $50

America Young: $10

Susan Moon: $99

Rhonda R Fletcher: $498

Johnny Aquarius: $10

Sachiko Ishida: $49

Debra H Bures: $25

Everon Media: $99

Anonymous: $50

Erika Davis-Pitre: $50

Lynne Moses: $100

Allison Vanore: $50

Anonymous: $50

Kairan Hondeich: $26

Jean Huang: $500

Susan & Dawning Pan: $100

Good luck!

Karl Dandenell: $19

Philip Houang: $99

Diana Yanez: $35

I believe in Toy Lei!!!

Didi Pache: $100


Erica Tachoir: $50

🌔 😘

Marjorie Duffield: $50

🌔 the film!

Meg Lewis: $15

Movie funds

Edward Hong: $50

Eleftheria Means: $40

Laurie Garner: $99

Sally “Bones” Jackson: $200

So happy to see you (Toy) making a moon movie. Keep me posted. I’m happy to donate at the Moon Rock level to start.

Dane Brehm: $25

Jerrie Lajeunesse: $30

Paul J C Yang: $1,000

Leonora Pitts: $25

Leah Patterson: $26

America Young: $10

MiMi Rose Hall: $10

Anonymous: $10

SilverLox Films: $100

Brandie Sylfae: $26

Anonymous: $28

Paula Dietrich Sigrid & Epstein: $250

Stirling McLaughlin: $20

Grace Colby: $250

Jerrie LaJeunesse: $30

Jill Narcisco: $50

Michelle Chettiath: $20

Dominique Johnson: $20

Jay Lefever: $5

Anonymous: $10

Anne McKnight: $49

Vickie Sampson: $25

Andrea Ashton: $49

Christina Raia: $10

Anonymous: $26

Didi Pache: $100

Rakefet Abergel: $15

Elle Schneider: $99

Anonymous: $49

Anonymous: $968

Holly Lebed: $100

David Chamberlain: $20

Sarah Clarke: $100

Susan Brandzel: $25

Eve Edelson: $26

Patricia Semler: $26

Louise Williams: $250

Calvin Vanderbeek: $2,500

Kimberly Miller: $250

Cindy Teixeira: $100

JoAnn Mueller: $30

Chase Vokrot Poffenberger: $100

Elizabeth Page: $25

Joanne Chew: $26

Anonymous: $683

Anonymous: $25

Anonymous: $5

Rebecca Nevitt: $26

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $250

Victoria Savage: $20

Julia Lei: $100

Noebe Velis: $50

Larry Abrams: $137


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Rock Violet Motion provides professional and quality photographic, videography & film/media production services, tailored to each client. We value creative individuality and understand that each client’s style will be different making us passionate about every project, be it stills or motion.

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The ARRI Group consists of the business units Camera Systems, Lighting, and Rental, all dedicated to connecting creativity and future technologies for moving images. ARRI is a leading designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting systems as well as system solutions for the film, broadcast, and media industries, with a worldwide distribution and service network. The portfolio includes digital cameras, lenses, camera accessories, archive technologies, lamp heads, and lighting accessories. Along with offering exclusive technologies, ARRI Rental’s first-class services and equipment provide camera, lighting, and grip packages to professional productions around the world.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI’s engineers and their contributions to the industry with 19 Scientific and Technical Awards.

Supported by the ARRI Franz Wieser Grant

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